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The Adventure

Musafir is a group of people who share the vision of this journey as the life path.

To begin this journey, we are constructing a 70-foot traditional wooden boat in Kipini, Kenya. Once construction is complete, our aim is to reach small settlements on the east coast of Africa where we will develop volunteer projects with the local communities.

Through the travels, we accept the risk of random encounters and embrace difficulties that allow us to test ourselves, to mature, to gain more self-knowledge and to learn about the world.

Therefore our journey is not simply a displacement in space, but an adventure of the spirit. As often emphasized in modern literature, reaching the goal is less attractive than the condition of being on the road.

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The Musafir


The Musafir is funded by people who are interested in the project and we are very grateful for all the help we have received.

If you are interested in helping the project out by making a donation, it's possible here: