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The Adventure

The Musafir dhow aims to create a platform for the message of peace, freedom and unity.  It's a project where people who connect with this message can come together and share an experience. Setting sail with the Musafir and being part of its journey symbolizes absolute freedom of movement, freedom from limitations and freedom of thought.

Musafir is more than just a boat, it’s a way of life. All Musafiri, the members of the crew, share the vision of the journey as a life path. Therefore the Musafir journey is not simply a movement in space, but also an adventure of the spirit.

To sail and be guided by the winds, to travel and explore is more important than reaching a specific destination.

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The Musafir


Putting in our own financial means, passion and hard labour, we have managed to get the Musafir to its current, nearly completed state. Now we need your help to finish the job and make the dream a reality!

So become part of the journey! Each contribution, however small or great, will go towards finishing the boat and getting it ready for us to set sail!

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